Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blog Worthy

Hestiation mounts each time I try to create a new blog post as I feel I have few adequate topics to post. My creativity lacks as I think of interesting tidbits in my life worthy to write about. Should I write about my new awesome Chaco sandals? How slow work has been the past few weeks? Or perhaps that I left my chapstick in my sweat pants at home and my lips have been left to suffer all day. Hmm...no topic my mind approaches seems to spark enough words to create a posting that I think would captivate readers and explain who I am and what I am about. Perhaps I still need to become comfortable in my blogger skin in order to begin creating masterpieces from the hum drum of life. The routines, mishaps, occasions, and little moments in life truly mold us into who we are and as such are worthy to be noted and recorded as stepping stones in life's journey. These are the moments I wish to unfold and slowly I will stretch my blogging fingers and reveal both small and big happenings in life that shape who I am.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Animals trails are for animals

On a recent trip to beautiful Lake Tahoe my family and I learned a wonderful lesson. If the trail disappears you don't continue walking through the woods trying to follow animal watering paths. This is a picture of us forraging through the woods trying to make our way down to an island we later found out was miles away. It was a wonderful adventure that left me with some pretty awesome battle wounds, including a sliver still in my leg, and that proved me tothat teva sandals are marvelous to hike in for all those who don't believe in socks. Luckily, we all made it out safe and sound and finally drove to our island destination. Our hike was quite an adventure; one that will go down in the record books as a very good learning experience and quite a jovial time! Next time I think we should all listen to mom when she tells us to turn around! :)

The Blog has Arrived!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Laci blogging. Hope you enjoy your stay!