Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Love Day

There is no remedy for love but to love more. --Thoreau

Life without love would truly be nothing. I understand this concept more each day, especially now that I am married and have started having children. I am grateful that my parents gave me a strong foundation of love that I have been able to build upon. There is so much in life to love and I plan on loving more of it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Water is the cure all

When I was young I did not like drinking water. Every time I was sick or had a headache it seemed like my dad would tell me to go drink some water. I would take a sip and forget the plan of gulping water for health. My parents were always drinking water. We had a water filter that they would leave their cups by every day and drink and drink to their hearts content.

Over the years I too have become a water nut. I love water, especially in a water bottle or with a straw. I believe my love for water developed when I starting buying Nalgene water bottles in high school. I love water bottles for some reason and if water was in them I would drink away. I now have quite a collection of water bottles and have also found out why my parents were always drinking works! If I drink enough water I rarely get sick and my headaches are few and far apart. I feel healthier and now I tell Eric to drink more water all the time. I am sure my kids will get sick of me telling them to drink water but hopefully the habit sticks and they will be healthier because of it.

So if you are prone to headaches or colds or any other ailment....drink up to life! Water works! Who knows....It may even bring about world peace someday!