Friday, October 22, 2010

Where have the Harper's been?

I feel like our lives have been a whirlwind a change lately which has sent us into hermit status.  We do still exist and life is good.  Here is what we have been up to:

We finally closed on our house, after 2 months, and are moved in.  We just finished painting the garage so the shelves go up this weekend and we will finally have a living room that is no full of tuperware and tools.  (Keeli decided to spray herself with leather cleaner the other day.)  I will post pics soon!

I am approaching 30 weeks of pregnancy and life is going well.  I can't believe we are having #2 and we are still deciding on boy names. 

Eric turned down the manager position at fastenal.  It was ironic that as soon as we moved to Orem he was offered a job closer to where we used to live.  We are loving his 10 minute commute right now and he is still looking into jobs in the construction industry.

Keeli wants to go to church, the temple, and the park every day.  Everyday she asks to play with cousins, especially since we don't have to commute to play anymore and she is doing great in our new place and says hi to everyone that she sees.

My parents came and visited a little while ago before they headed to Germany to live.  We are missing them and it is weird not to be able to call or text them any time I want!

We are all sick right now but have lots on the to-do list to finish getting our house in order.  Life is moving right a long and we are loving the fall weather and activities.  There is nothing like pumpkin tasting everything, fall weather, pumpkin patches, changing leaves, and an excuse to wear sweaters again.