Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here are some pictures of Eric's endeavor over the last few weeks. I wanted to keep up on the blogging so I decided to go with some more pictures. Pictures are a lot easier to post than thinking of things to write!

Here is Eric two days before breaking his back. He is putting on his usualy charm for the camera! Gotta love the smile!

This right after surgery. Eric got a lot of good sleep in while at the hospital. The ice packs wouldn't stay cold enough to cool him down
though and around 4:00pm everyday he would wind up with a fever.

Eric is catching some more zzz's in between physical therapy. I am sitting on my lovely bed for the week. I will forever be grateful for my bed now. I am talking to one of the many that sent their love and support while we were in the hospital. Thank you again for all your support and love. We couldn't have done it without all of you! From the small to big acts of kindness, we will always appreciate your love!

This is Eric's back with his staples in there still. He finally got the staples out and he is healing great. He might not have much of a scar, much to his dismay. He wants a battle wound! :)

We had to measure. His incision almost hit 10 inches.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Breaking Point

The past few weeks have been molded into a blur. Today marks the two week anniversary of the day my husband broke his back. Eric fell off the second story of a house he was framing while at work. He landed on his shoulder, folded in half and as hit feet hit the ground above his head he broke his T12 vertebrae. The day after his accident the neuro surgeon fused his T11 and L1 to his T12 vertebrae. After a week of recuperating in the hospital we finally got to go home. We have been home for a week now and we are going to get his staples taken out today. Eric has an awesome attitude and he is making progress everyday. We are just grateful that he is not paralyzed. Time and time again our doctors told us that it truly is a miracle that he is not paralyzed. The way his bone broke, and the shards on bone surrounded the spinal cord should have punctured the cord, especially since he tried to go back to work after falling and then decided to drive to the emergency room without calling an ambulance. We feel truly blessed and have felt all your prayers and support. It has been so amazing to see how blessed we are with an unfailing support group. You all have kept us going through the good and bad days. We love you and thank you!