Monday, April 6, 2009


I was listening to today when U2 began to play. I haven't always been a big U2 fan. When I was a teenager I used to love going to church dances. Every dance they would play the same U2 song and we would all belt out the song as we rocked around the dance floor. I would belt out the song with the rest of the them; however, after hearing U2 over and over again the song definitely lost its pizzazz. I thought that every U2 song sounded the same and since I heard one of them over and over I wasn't done with U2.

Years later...Eric enters the picture.

When Eric and I started dating I quickly found out that he loves U2. One night while we were out he asked me if I like U2. For some reason I told him yes. This is the only flat out lie I have ever told Eric. I must have wanted to impress him or something. ;) A little while later Eric and I were talking to my room mate and U2 came up. My room mate was so confused and said, "Laci, you hate U2". Oops...I then had to explain that I really didn't like U2. I was just a little embarassed to say the least.

Well, time has passed and after listening to U2 with Eric quite a bit I have decided that U2 isn't all that bad. I have to be in the mood for some U2, but when I am the mood, I can definitely jam to their tunes.

Have you ever done something like this? Is there anything that you have hated for years and then suddenly find yourself liking your long time enemy? I am sure I could name a few other things....their stories just don't include white lies.