Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What to eat for dinner tonight?

Eric and I are often indecisive when it comes to going out to eat. We both love eating out but often find ourselves revisiting the same places over and over. It would take us about an hour to finally decide where to go and by that point we were so hungry that we would just end up going somewhere close and fast...which often ended up being a waste of the entertainment budget! To fix our dilemma we decided to play the alphabet game. We decided we would start and A and work our way down. Below is the adventure that ensued....

A - Arbys - Another quick fix but we had to start somewhere

B - Brazil Brazil - This little gem has moved to Salt Lake unfortunately. It is a great place to get lots of delicious brazilian food.

C - California Pizza Kitchen - Their margarita pizza is to die for. A little pricy but we really like the place...we had to go a few more times in fact

D - De Mae - We would have never tried this place on our own. Great food and company; however, we still don't like sushi

E - Ernies Deli - Definitely go for breakfast...they have awesome breakfast sandwiches...okay lunch

F - Fuddruckers - We got hooked on this place, especially since they always send out coupons in the mail. While I was pregnant we would go here almost once a week for awhile

G - Golden Corral - We thought it was expensive for the quality of food we got. Plus I couldn't stop thinking about when Eric ate butter thinking it was ice cream there. We did run into some of Eric's good friends from Brazil though

H - Hot Dog King - If you are in the mood for an adventure go to Hot Dog King. I never knew you could do so much with a hot dog. It was a little creative for my stomach though.

I - Iceberg - We were disappointed this go around. Don't get their peach shake.

J - JCW - We love this place. I ordered fish but ended up getting chicken instead...both are good though!

K - Kneaders - We will definitely be back....good food and key lime pie...mmm

L - Los Hermanos - Family favorite. Get the queso dip...only way to go

M - Marleys - This is the restuarant at the new Harley place. Good food, just kind of made for hobbits...everything was mini.

N - Nicoliatlia Pizza - Awesome pizza. A little greasy but soo good. Get some breadsticks if you really want to enjoy life.

O - Olive Garden - The breadsticks were better than usual and the white cranberry juice is the best.

P - Pizza Factory - I love their breadsticks with alfredo

Q - Quiznos - Very good, especially now that they lowered their prices.

R - Ruth's Chris - We went here for a work party. We couldn't believe the price tag but everything was amazing.

S - Spaghetti Factory - Kind of a let down. I loved the vegetarian lasagna though

T - Tucanos - Gotta love the buy one get one free on birthdays. It's tradition

U - You try and find a place that starts with U!

V - La Vigna - Very expensive and to top it off I left all my leftovers at the place. Sad day. The service was good.

W - Wingers - mmm...I still crave this place.

X - We were going to go to Xango but couldn't convince each other we would find anything edible.

Y - Yamato - Awesome food! I loved sitting on the ground and eating soy beans. Go if you haven't before!

Z - Zupas - Eric even liked the soup and sandwiches and that is saying A LOT!

We had a blast trying different places and being "cultured". If we ever get in a rut again, we will probably start over again!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Keeli!

Keeli is officially one years old now! I can't believe how fast time has gone or how much Keeli has grown over the last year. Each day gets better and better and I can't imagine life with out our little miss sunshine.