Monday, November 23, 2009


My mom recommended a floss called dentotape to me...there are a few different brands but they are all about the sam.

Heaven in my mouth....if you like to floss then you have to try this...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Keeli Can....

Keeli can say finished in sign language

Keeli gets so excited when daddy calls, especially now that we are out of town

Keeli can give kisses....grandpa was playing the guitar for her yesterday and she stood up, walked over, and planted one on him as he was playing to say thank you

Keeli can sing into a microphone

If I were rich....

I would have a fireplace in my room and keep my house at 80 degrees.  mmmm.....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just Breathe...Happy Almost Weekend

The past few weeks have sent Eric and I running around with our heads cut off.  We all had H1N1 and unfortunately time doesn't stop for the sick.  Because of this, it feels like we are half zombie lately.  As we catch up and try to get ahead, it has been hard to find time to let our bodies get some good R&R.  I am looking forward to this weekend...once Saturday morning is over it is time to relax and finally have a date night.  Happy weekend to you all!

(No Keeli is not dad is holding her up behind us.  :) I am always ready for another beach trip!)

What are your weird quirks?

There are just some things I have to do everyday or I don't feel complete.  Do you have anything like that? 

I have to floss my teeth every night before I go to bed.  Someone told me once that bacteria grows 20x faster at night while you sleep (I don't know if this is fact) and it was enough to sell me on flossing.  If I miss a night, I can't wait all day until I get to can't floss twice in one day to make up for the next day, or else your gums will get sore!  I bring my floss camping, on vacation, anywhere!

I have to pay off our credit card any time there is a balance.  We use our credit card to get rewards but each time something shows up I have to pay it off.  We've never paid interest on a credit card because of this but I don't think we need to pay off the card 30 times a month to avoid interest.  I don't like the feeling of having anything unfinished or hanging over my head so I pay it off whether there is a $3.00 balance or or $100 balance.

Does anyone else do weird things like this?