Wednesday, May 11, 2011

O Happy Day!

I have wanted a garden since I got married but we have never had the space.  We finally do so we got some garden boxes and we are starting to see things sprot up.  I am definitely a novice gardner so I tried a little bit of everything this year and we will see how our garden turns out.  Cross your fingers something grows!  :)

I finally feel like the postpartum blues are gone and life is going well.  At Crew's 4 month check up (yes, he is already 4 months old) we found out he had only gained 10 oz. in 2 months.  Not enough for a growing boy.  I felt so bad once we realized he was always hungry.  We switched him over to formula and he is one happy baby.  He was a great baby before but now he is super baby.  :)  He is 12 lbs. 12 oz. (25%) and 26 inches (97%). 

Keeli is growing up so fast.  She loves being a big sister and helping in any way she can.  She helped me feed Crew for the first time last week and did a great job.  She is either reading library books or escaping outside to play with friends.  Everyone that she meets is her friend and I love how friendly she is.  She also likes to play with my hair instead of going to bed which I love!  :)

Life is good and I sure feel blessed to have all that I have been given.


I just bought the Adele 21 CD and can't get enough....I walk around my house all day belting, "We could have had it all"