Monday, October 13, 2008

Goodbye Flip Flops...New Socks?!

Today is a sad day for my feet. It is officially too cold outside to wear flip flops in Utah. When temperatures sink below 40 degrees it is time to pack away the flops for another year. (Well, I still wear them to get the mail in the snow or sometimes I just wear them around the house so my feet don't go through withdrawals.) We turned the heat on, the mountains are dusted with snow, and we even woke up to snow over the weekend. I am sad fall only lasted a few days; however, in the midst of my sadness my feet did find joy! How do you ask?! Well, I was digging through my sock drawer to protect my feet and low and behold I found a hidden bare of brand new socks! Now, I am definitely not a sock person but a brand new pair of socks is just like wearing slippers. I slipped them on and now my toes are warm and toasty as I write away. Now I just have to figure out a way to keep socks on Keeli's feet and I will be sitting pretty.


Kristie said...

haha, i was having the same issues this weekend. so i went to ross and bought some new boots. my flipflops may be done for, but at least i can feel excited to wear my new shoes!!! yeah good luck with the socks for keeli thing. i'm working on the same thing with jake. hats too.

Anonymous said...

Well my dear it was 82 degrees here in Fredericksburg and I was running around in shorts and flip flops all day!I am dreading the shoes and socks days ahead. It has been a beautiful fall here! Try knee socks on Keeli! Would love to see her get those off at 3 months old.