Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm Noodles for Noodles

5 reasons why I love the Noodles and Company in Orem, UT:

- The firs time there they gave us a free rice krispy treat because they had just finished making them and wanted someone to enjoy them at their most delicious stage

- We went there for work once and they messed up our order. To make it up to us, they gave everyone a free meal

- They have a birthday club where you get a free meal without any strings attached. I got mine yesterday and wanted to buy some flat bread, since it is the best, and they threw it in for free so I didn't have to scrounge for change

- The owner manages the store wonderfully and really makes you feel like a valued customer

- Mac and cheese...need I say more


Mom said...

I have to agree! Noodles is a great place to eat! Yummmmmm

Jaclyn Grossfield said...

Hi Laci,

My name is Jaclyn Grossfield and I work in public relations at Noodles & Company. We appreciate the positive post and we’re so glad you had such great experiences at Noodles & Company in Orem! We would be happy to mail you some free bowl cards if you could email it to me at

Have a great day!


Manzanafam said...

Love the food there too Laci, and the management and service at their Draper location is just as great! Definitely will be on my list of stops to make when we are back in town to visit.