Thursday, November 5, 2009

What are your weird quirks?

There are just some things I have to do everyday or I don't feel complete.  Do you have anything like that? 

I have to floss my teeth every night before I go to bed.  Someone told me once that bacteria grows 20x faster at night while you sleep (I don't know if this is fact) and it was enough to sell me on flossing.  If I miss a night, I can't wait all day until I get to can't floss twice in one day to make up for the next day, or else your gums will get sore!  I bring my floss camping, on vacation, anywhere!

I have to pay off our credit card any time there is a balance.  We use our credit card to get rewards but each time something shows up I have to pay it off.  We've never paid interest on a credit card because of this but I don't think we need to pay off the card 30 times a month to avoid interest.  I don't like the feeling of having anything unfinished or hanging over my head so I pay it off whether there is a $3.00 balance or or $100 balance.

Does anyone else do weird things like this?


Lisa K said...

I have to have all the light switches facing the same direction.

I also can't have my food touch each other. That one drives my family nuts. =)

Aaron + Kayti said...

those "quirks" as you call them are just really good, common sense behavior! i think those are traits to be very proud of.

Mom said...

I have to make my bed everyday!! No dishes in the sink before I go to bed!