Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Things that Make Life Worth It

I have felt extremely overwhelmed the past few weeks trying to juggle life.  It seems I just can't get above water!  I have been trying to get back to the basics but all the other parts of life seem to keep cramming their way back into my life.  I guess that is why we are supposed to take one day at a time, eh?

Well, despite a little added stress without the consolation of ice cream, there are still many things in my life that make me smile and make me grateful to be who I am.  (Maybe if I write them down when I am struggling I will focus on them more!  Focus on the positive, right?  :))

Crew loves the bath....he loves it even more when he pees in it.  For some reason, he smiles the biggest when he is letting it all out!

Keeli loves to pretend to be Tinkerbell and I get to be Terrance.

When I am stressed, Keeli runs up and gives me a hug and asks if I am happy now.  If I still don't look happy she sings me Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. How can I not smile?

When Crew hears Eric's voice on the phone he lights up.  When I can't get him to calm down, I can call Eric and Crew will start smiling.

I found a chocolate cake that doesn't have sugar in it....I will be even happier if it doesn't taste like raisin water!

I love to watch Crew kick his legs like there is no tomorrow.  His whole body wiggles and he looks like he is in heaven.

Eric learned how to attack me with jumping jacks...sorry if that doesn't make sense, you have to see it I think for it to make sense.

I went for a run today, well slow jog, in the beautiful sunshine.

I have great family and friends who help me forget why I was stressed in the first place.

P.S. Happy Belated St. Patty's Day!  Our 2nd anual green party was a blast! I already bought the plates for next year.  :) 


Annie. said...

You are making me nervous to have two. :) Just kidding...I am sure there will be LOTS of days where it's just all about surviving and keeping head above water. Knowing that going into it will hopefully make it easier...low expectations right? Haha.

You have such a sweet cute family. So glad I've been able to run into you lately at the mall. Let's plan a REAL meet-up there sometime! It would be fun for the kids and for us. :)

Hope things slow down a bit for you. Hang in there!

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Kristie said...

you guys are such a cute family :) I feel like that too by the way. I'm a happy wreck a lot of the time.
p.s. I LOVE that Keeli likes to play tinkerbell and that you have to be terrence. HA! Jake loves tinkerbell (i know, very manly).

Hawkins Family said...

I know exactly how you feel! It does get a little bit easier as they get older and play together and start sleeping through the night so you aren't tired all the time. It was so good to see you guys! Thank you so much for coming. We're still bummed we missed out on the st. patty's day party this year.

jeriwilliamson said...

Your blog is great. I know exactly how you are feeling. I have three kids. 8, 4, and 9 months. Life sure can get crazy with all those little people running around. Good luck! I love your blog I can't wait to read more.

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