Wednesday, May 11, 2011

O Happy Day!

I have wanted a garden since I got married but we have never had the space.  We finally do so we got some garden boxes and we are starting to see things sprot up.  I am definitely a novice gardner so I tried a little bit of everything this year and we will see how our garden turns out.  Cross your fingers something grows!  :)

I finally feel like the postpartum blues are gone and life is going well.  At Crew's 4 month check up (yes, he is already 4 months old) we found out he had only gained 10 oz. in 2 months.  Not enough for a growing boy.  I felt so bad once we realized he was always hungry.  We switched him over to formula and he is one happy baby.  He was a great baby before but now he is super baby.  :)  He is 12 lbs. 12 oz. (25%) and 26 inches (97%). 

Keeli is growing up so fast.  She loves being a big sister and helping in any way she can.  She helped me feed Crew for the first time last week and did a great job.  She is either reading library books or escaping outside to play with friends.  Everyone that she meets is her friend and I love how friendly she is.  She also likes to play with my hair instead of going to bed which I love!  :)

Life is good and I sure feel blessed to have all that I have been given.


Annie. said...

What cute kids you have. My gosh they're adorable! So fun to have a toddler and baby.

We just started garden boxes this year too. Fun huh? Hope yours turn out great!

Annette and Rick said...
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Annette and Rick said...

Very fun pics...thanks! We are finally updating our blog, too! LD

Hawkins Family said...

Crew and Keeli are both getting so big and adorable! You guys have opposite mini-mes. Keeli looks like Eric and Crew looks like you! At least that is what I think. Glad to see you guys are doing well. We want to make another trip to utah sometime in the next month or 2 so we'll have to hang out! You guys should come here and go to Yellowstone with us or something! We're only an hour and a half from Yellowstone and Jackson Hole.

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Anonymous said...

Hey god loves you soooooo.... much!!!!
Please read the bible!!!

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