Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter

After a long day in the car Eric and I crumpled tiredly onto the couches next to the CD player. All day we had been listening to the 6th Harry Potter book on our way home from Idaho where we had also been listening to the book during every spare moment we had. We were tired from traveling and had to wake up early the next day for work. Could we stop listening to the book? Of course not. The hours passed as we hung to each word spoken by the narrator. I clapped my hands for joy when Harry kissed Ginny for the first time and wanted to cover my eyes as Harry and Dumbledore ventured to capture the horcrux as the images danced vividly in my mind...

Sure, you can call me a nerd for liking Harry Potter. I don't mind. I would rather be a nerd and like Harry Potter than live my life without the book. You see, Harry Potter kept my husband and me in contact with each other during the awkward stages of getting to know one another. Eric passed the books on to me and I read them which in turn gave us commonality and gave us a reason to call each other and talk without seeming too flirty or pushy. True the books are good but Harry overpowering evil was just a tiny portion of the power behind the Harry Potter books for Eric and I. They created opportunity for growth in our relationship and eventually our outtings and get togethers became more than just discussing the book or watching the movies although our first kiss was after watching the 3rd Harry Potter movie.

I am happy to say that although we are definitely excited to read the 7th Harry Potter for the good story it provides, our relationship now has expanded to more than wizardry and hoaxes but we will always be thankful and always get a good laugh that Harry Potter truly helped us build the foundation on which we stand together now.

No, I don't mind being a Harry Potter nerd afterall.


Leezy Lindsey said...

I know I give you guys a hard time about liking Harry Potter so much but this really is a cute post Laci!

I remember making fun of you for reading Harry Potter just for some boy! Turns out that boy ended up being your eternal mate! :)

The Mullins said...

That is a great post! I had no idea how much magic Harry has brought into your lives! :) It was fun to hear a few little details of your early courtship.

Annette and Rick said...

That's neat to hear the significance of the Harry Potter books for Eric and you. No wonder your life together is so "enchanted"!