Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I have always upheld the prejudice that jet skiing is better than boating. You get to feel the waves at your feet as you skim across the water, do donuts without the worry of wearing your tires down, and I can tip any jet ski if you give me 15 minutes or so. What a rush! Boats are big, crowded, gas guzzlers, and being bounced around on a tube makes my knees hurt and ready to throw up. I would rather throw myself off the tube or "accidentally" slip off the skis on my feet before I get stuck behind a boat; however, the tides have begun changing! I have discovered wakeboarding and the comforts a boat has to offer! Don't worry, my loyalty will not falter with jet skies but my negative viewpoint towards boats is being washing away faster than garbage floating away on a busy lake. I first began changing my mind as we skimmed Lake Tahoe looking at the gorgeous scenery. I was happy to have my feet out of the frigid water and have the protection of the boat around me as we passed through breathtaking sights only available to the boater's eye. The final clencher came when I began wakeboarding on Utah Lake. Utah Lake is another shocking discovery in itself, at least this year due to the fact it is 5 feet higher than usual. Anyways, being able to carve within the boat's wake felt strangly simliar to snowboarding, which I love. With the sun beating down and the breeze blowing by the satisfaction of defying gravity as I race over the water's surface is overwheming. Rock on is all I have to say! Needless to say, I have always loved the water but my addiction grows stronger as I continue to discover new adventures to be taken within its' depths whether it be by boat, jet ski, or simply as I swim my heart out.