Friday, January 16, 2009

It's all in your attitude

Recently, I overheard something that got the wheels turning in my head. I heard someone say that we are here on this earth to go through trials. I thought this was kind of a pessimistic way to look at life but as I continued to think I realized that yes, we are here to learn how to go through trials; however, the true test of life is if we can still be happy between and amidst the experiences we go through. Below is a list that I want to remember as I go through life, especially on the hard days....

1. Prayer and fasting work
2. Family and friends are the perfect support system...there was a reason we were put on this earth as families
3. Taking a little time to relax, not 4 hours of TV vegging can go a long way
4. Being outside makes me happy
5. Too much sugar really doesn't make you happy, even if everything is chocolate
6. It's okay to make mistakes
7. I'm sorry does make a big difference
8. You can't change the past but you can move forward to correct it
9. Dancing, music, and hugs sometimes are very good medicine
10. Cuddling always make me feel loved
11. Exercise is worth it even if you don't want to do it
12. It's better to find a way to help someone else then to go buy another pair of shoes
13. I can always beat Eric at a tickle fight
14. A dirty house doesn't mean you have to be upset; messes sometimes end up being the most fun
15. Life will not always be easy, nor do I want it to be.

Since this blog was mainly introspection, here are some pictures to enjoy! :)


Kristie said...

good post laci! i agree--a good attitude makes a big difference..cute pictures too!

Anonymous said...

Great post Laci! I sure love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops the last post was not anonymous it was from your mom!

Annette and Rick said...

Very wise words...and great pictures!!!