Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here Come the Snow Days!!

Each day it seems like it has been getting colder and colder!  Winter is definitly on its way!  Now that we are inside more often here is what is keeping us busy....

Keeli loves grapes so I try to keep them stocked in our house.  Every time I open the fridge she opens the grape drawer and starts eating them.

Keeli also loves to to drink water, juice, and anything she can get her hands on.  Her recent favorite is delicious capri suns!

One of Eric's coworkers gave us this little car and Keeli will hardly get out of it!  She packs in her purse, cell phone, and anything else she can find and is off!

The snow finally came today.  Keeli and I watched the snow fall during lunch....what a view!

Looking out the backyard.

I can't wait to take her out in the snow!  We need to get some snow clothes so we don't freeze!!

Happy Winter!


Aaron + Kayti said...

what awesome pictures! we got snow here and i felt like i was the only one that was excited. good to know that you and little keeli enjoyed it as well :)

Kristie said...

cute cute pictures!!! jake and i were also so excited to wake up to the snow. jake loves grapes too, although i dont think i could trust him with a capri sun--he would squirt it all over the floor in no time. you must have a very well behaved little lady :)