Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Throw them to the lions....or not

I work from home and part of my job is to call and follow up with people who have stopped paying our company their monthly fees.  We used to joke about the late payers that we were "throwing them to the lions" and not giving in.  While tough love is necessary to make sure companies do not get behind I have also realized that being nice makes a world of difference.  (Don't worry, I never used to yell or anyone or anything)  If a company can tell that I am willing to work with them, they are most often willing to pay their dues and move on with life.  Sometimes this creates more work for me; however, I have been more successful collecting what is owed to our company by doing so.  I also don't get yelled at as much....which is a big bonus!

I want the people I speak to and work with to feel like they are people and not something to get off my check list.  Not only that, but I want the people I interact with in daily life to feel the same way.  It is easy to get caught up in daily life, overbook yourselve, and forget to make time to give an extra smile or calm your words down and listen.  You are just as important as I am and there's no reason why I shouldn't treat you how I would like to be treated.


Aaron + Kayti said...

i dont know if i will ever have that attitude - people take too much advantage of me at that point. ahh the life of a support person ;)

Mom said...

AMEN! A little kindness goes a loooonnng way!