Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let Summer Begin

Towards the beginning  of summer I found out I was pregnant with #2.  (We find out August 25th what we are having!)  Since I wasn't feeling too great we hung around the house a lot and here is how we entertained ourselves!

Who needs pants!

My Auntie B gave this mask to Keeli for Easter.  Keeli thought it was pretty fun

Mom's shoes are much more fun to wear

Putting on a dance show for Dad (keeli has a water bottle down her shirt if you can tell, why I am not quite sure!)

We played with dolls a lot

We went up to temple square for Kyle and Shawni's wedding

Looking at the water.  Keeli would live in the water and drink it all day if I let her

Hanging at my sister's house with their pool!

Keeli, like her parents, would rather not wear socks on her feet.  They are much better gloves!

Her new bed!  She loves sleeping in her toddler bed!


Annette and Rick said...

Very cute pics!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the summer and all the fun it brings!