Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tea Party and latest

My parents came out to visit in July and mom threw the first annual grand daughter tea party.  It was a blast!  I am not sure if the girls or the moms had more fun!

Here are the girl's dresses

We first made the hats all the girls wore and then got them all dressed up.  They were in heaven!

Then we headed outside for our luncheon

After lunch we decorated flip flops and planted flowers.  It was a very fun afternoon!

Three peas in a pod

This is the place, he actually shaved him!

Nice hat

Keeli loves animals but she doesn't like riding horses at ALL!

She loves to play in the mall strollers

In the middle of summer, this is the outfit Keeli picked out to wear

She loves her babies!


Unknown said...

I love the grand daughter tea party idea ... definitely something we'll have to steal. Hope your feeling better soon!!!

Mom said...

Love all of these fun pictures! I have the cutest little granddaughters!Love them all sosososo much!